Friday, March 15, 2013

Fresh Outlook- My Closet

So - I realize it's been oh - almost a year since I've posted anything (for my 1 follower!), but I'm going to TRY to be better and blog about something that has become somewhat of an obsession to me!

Beginning in the Spring of 2012, I started learning, creating and selling old furniture pieces - a Re-Do if you will of mostly wood pieces, inspired by my Niece-in-Law Lori!  (Who may I add is a FABULOUSLY talented restorer of furniture!!!)  It became a great source of peace for me, allowed me to feel those long subdued creative juices, put away for Motherhood.  I learned from MANY blog posts, Pinterest ideas & word of mouth from other furniture re-doers....and LOVED IT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

Winter has been difficult for me because of two things: we got a Habitat For Humanity RE-STORE (OH MY GOODNESS!) & it's too cold to paint things outside/I don't have a "shop." 

RE-STORE - as much as I try to stay away, I LOVE this place!  I began shopping there when it opened in November to look for furniture pieces to re-do and give my love to...however, that quickly became a wishful thought & my sparkle in my eyes quickly turned to.. "Oh look at that!  Wouldn't that be lovely in my house?!"  So me and "chotchskies" soon became friends.  I have a new passion in owls - not just any owl, but cute owls that "speak" to me... I LOVE LOVE LOVE mirrors, especially if they're old or have some character & I like things that either can be re purposed for organizational uses or just reused in new ways, like silver platters for wall decor.  Needless to say, the fellers at Re-Store know when I'm not there in several days - and have even became close enough that when my birthday came in February, a hug & a little peek on the cheek didn't seem out of order!  Yes, I'm totally and 110% HOOKED!

From following many other blogs, Pinterest (yet another obsession) & following some really creative Facebook Friends - I decided not only was it time to clean up around my own back door...but it was high time that I used some of my newly discovered talents & lovely ideas floatin' around the ol' nog nog!

I have started with the smallest room in the house - my closet!  DISCLAIMER!  I am NOT a hoarder, merely a VERY blessed woman in a home she helped build 26+ years ago.  I certainly realize we are not "normal" in many eyes by being able to live in one house for this long of a time, but keep in mind, we've not always been in the bedroom that we are in due to room juggling w/our sons.

This is the doorway to my closet.  My closet is the biggest in the house; accessible through my make-shift office.  It was never intended to hold just one person's clothes, but remember - I said I am blessed!

Just inside my closet door, is a semi-massive amount of clothing, most of which I do wear.  It's not been transitioned from winter to spring as of yet, but dire need of a make-over.

Just beyond the main body of the closet is a "secret" room. It's origin will remain a secret but nonetheless it's been taken over by my also new found love of purses, a wonderfully transportable keyboard, and just other random stuff that didn't really have a home.
The shelving brackets you see the purses hanging on were quite painful to my head when I bent down to pick something up, stood up...well you get the picture.

One of my little free finds (I think it was a microwave cart in it's first life) - Walmart wood & quite sturdy.
I thought at first to paint it and give it to someone who needed it, but after months of not getting the color like I wanted it, it being out in the shed & somewhat exposed to the elements...I didn't want to give it to the person in that condition.  It was WONDERFUL for my little secret room though!

I got out most of the evil shelf brackets, except a few to hold my purses with, familiarized myself with the other hooks and holders in the little hidey-hole & went to work!  There was even a light in this part of the closet - most of the space is in darkness.  I'll be remedying that fairly quickly with some touch lights if nothing else!  Got a good string tied to the very small dangling one so I could use it daily! :)

There's MUCH more to do, but I went through my clothes and got out for donation what I wasn't wearing or wouldn't wear.  I organized my shoe rack, got all my jeans & Capri's lined up...even somewhat color coordinated my tops! (ANYONE who knows me will think that's funny!)

Ahh, come on - you've NEVER seen something like this in YOUR floor??
OF COURSE the fall out went into my little office space - but that's alright.  I got the majority of it cleaned up and the rest will be taken care of next...SPRING BREAK is almost here!  *See how nicely lined up my shoes are in the closet! ;)
Let's be honest - we all have way too much stuff; been blessed (in my case) way beyond what I need.
I'm messy at times, I'm busy most of the time & I'm trying to change my ways as far as keeping things put up, organized & clean.  I want to ENJOY my time at home...I've been there 26 years & I plan to be there for many more years to come.  Who wants to spend it worrying over stuff in the floors? 
I have one son at home, who will be a Senior in high school next Fall.  I have determined to NOT be spending all my extra time at home cleaning - but enjoying him!
Start small - start where you can see a difference in a short time.  There is NO need to purchase expensive items to help you - the Dollar Tree is a WONDERFUL place to inexpensively organize & clean up!
Till next time - Life in the Woods wishes you all a HAPPY (& clean) SPRING BREAK!
...coming up next - My Office

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home Decor in My Woods

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter! You know, for those of us who base all our hopes & faith on the resurrection of Christ, Easter actually means so much more to us than Christmas, yet we celebrate it much more quietly. In my house, we certainly decorate less than we do during the Christmas season - but my Hudman did it up right this year!

Using some decorations that we already had, mixing them with some "new" yard sale finds - he made quite the little scene for our family - and it was BEAUTIFUL! Such simple things, when paired can become the focus of the whole room.
In this, he has used some of my prized glassware, silk flower stems & a great topiary he made last year, added some simple candle sticks (some topped with plastic eggs) and one even made a bit more elegant with a bow tie napkin ring! My sister Ick gave us some wonderful old plates...and just look how that adds to the whole "look" of Easter! BRILLIANT job Hudman!

Even on my quilt rack that displays my favorite pictures of my precious boys, Hudman added dainty "Forget-Me-Not" silk flowers to some Flea Market found silver goblets - so pretty!

My Flowering Almond bush was just stunning this year! It's a plant that comes originally from my Hubby's grandmother's yard - love LOVE plants that have history & stories!

As we continue to celebrate SPRING in our woods, why not take a few minutes to enjoy Spring in your woods?! Where ever you live, I'm sure there are beautiful things just waiting to be seen; things that normally you pass by daily and take for granted. We all need those little moments in our lives to appreciate the beauty of nature OR the beauty in our own little seemingly unnoticeable items in our homes.
(Thanks to Pintrest for some of our home decor items.) go out and make it a great day!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hard times in the Woods

It's now February 3rd and I am staying strong as far as no sodas or Sonic. Now I will have to say I have cooked speghetti (which was AMAZING when you are as hungry as I was!!) and had store bought/cooked pizza - Ahhh heaven in a bite!! - but other than that, I'm staying on a clear path to better health and I'm o.k.

Next week, I will celebrate 45 years on this Earth and let me tell ya, when I think back about what all I have put in my mouth and whether or not it was actually "good" for me - I'm amazed that I've gone this long without major health problems. God is good - that's all I have to say about that. I have seen fit to claim God' mercy for my health - something that my Seester Ick can't say fully... or my Sister JoDee. I'm the baby (of 3 girls) and the biggest of them all! Ick has had diabetes since she was 17, she has Crohns Disease and a few other issues like allergies, but honestly - she is such a strong person; I have ALWAYS said God knew which one of us to give the health issues to, because up until this point in my life - I don't know that I could have put up with all she has had to and change my eating habits. I was willing to. JoDee, the eldest of us all, has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and although it has gotten her down at times, she is determined to not let it rule her life and I applaud her for that. She is an active woman - a real life Chef (WOO HOO!!!) and tries to stay within her limitations of stress & overexertion.

Growing up with a diabetic in the family was a little tough, but nothing like I'm sure it was for Ick. My Hubby was declared a Type 1 diabetic 2 years ago, but has managed to not have to have meds because he was so focused on his weight loss and the diet plan the Dietician gave him (he lost over 60 lbs!!!) He has let just a few grains of sugar pass his lips in those 2 years and watched his carb intake well. I pray he can continue this journey and continue to enjoy the health he now has.

Many others are with me in my adventure to be healthier and to be wiser about what we put in our bodies. It's hard and a constant struggle for some - but with a group of people with the same common goal in mind, it sure is easier. I still am not able to exercise like I'd like to, but I'm doing what I can and hopefully it will contribute to the well being and overall weigh loss for me. I may not win any "Biggest Loser" competitions, but I will be one of the biggest winners by losing weight, being more healthy and ultimately - learning how to replace my desires with spiritual things such as prayer, Bible study and just more time with my Heavenly Father - who created us all!

If you're struggling with diet - may I suggest PINTREST! It's been a wonderful thing for me and a wonderful resource for new recipes. If you're not on Pintrest - request an invite, but beware!! It is TOTALLY ADDICTING!!! May God bless us all and may God shine his favor down in my neck of the woods!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Changing the Scenery of My Woods!

Well, it's been 24 days since I have graced the drive thru of my favorite fast food place, Sonic and let me tell ya, although at times - I could taste the juicy goodness of my mayo slathered cheeseburger - I have PREVAILED and not stepped even as much as a little toe in that lot! My car is even doing very well not wanting to turn left into that driveway!

24 days, also of NO SODAS! There have been 2 definite times that I could have slapped someone silly for a sip of a good, cold Dr. Pepper - but I have overcome those cravings. Me and my bottle of water (flavorings added at times) are doing quite well these days, I must say.

WHY, you ask, do without sodas and Sonic? Did they do something to harm me? My first thought is "no" BUT YES THEY DID! They have contributed to my rather soft middle of a muffin top, my way too 'fluffy' appearance. What did I replace the craving with - PRAYER! Plain and simple!

Prayer is the answer that EVERYONE is needing. From the simple things of life, to the big global problems our world seems ever increasingly facing! Got a "giant" in your way - face it with PRAYER!

...oh and all this has allowed me to drop about 7 lbs so far. Not a whopping amount, but ya gotta start somewhere! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year - New Thoughts

Happy 2012 Everyone! Being inspired by the desire to be a little smaller come June (my son's wedding) and the hope of being a better me, I have started my own 40 days of Purpose. As of January 1st, I have stopped consuming all sodas and stopped going to my FAVORITE drive-in, Sonic. :(
You may ask why...and why call it my 40 days of purpose and I'll be more than happy to share parts of it with you on this blog for the next few months. Remember, my blog is therapeutic to me at times and hopefully entertaining to the masses! LOL!!!

My 40 days that began Jan. 1, will subsequently end on February 9, the day BEFORE my that's reason #1. It's a "do-able" time frame, AND (most importantly) it's a time for me to replace those things with prayer. Prayer for my son and his future, for his job search...for his marriage. Prayer for my younger son, for protection and guidance. Prayer for myself, to be closer to God & to always seeks God's will in my life. What BETTER thing to do than to replace sustenance that I can live without with a spiritual thing I can't - prayer!!

What would you purpose in your heart to give up so that God could fill you with something you need??? Are you willing to take a 40 day challenge?? No time like the present to start!

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas!

So this year in my woods - the tree is very BLINGY and it spins! :) Hudman just had to have the tree spinner this year after salivating over them for a few years. With his own $$ - Mom finally said "Why not?!" He's such a talented young man besides his singing voice that must have come directly from ANGELS! :) He's got a florist's touch as well!!

Shortly after changing out the bedding and making it quite festive, Kitty decided that she LOVES Christmas too, but in a Kitty kind of way! :) Napping is her favorite! Thanks to my beautiful Momma Rosie for the hand tied poinsettia blanket & to my wonderful MIL for the Christmas bedspread!

So have you seen the glittery electric candles?? OH MY - I would have a collection of them if they weren't a little out of my meager budget for the season. Moms usually come last as far as purchasing things for our selves, don't we? Think Santa would understand??

As you decorate in your cabin this year for Christmas, please don't forget the real reason we celebrate. It's CHRIST.... and all He did & is doing for us that makes this time of year so special! The celebration of his birth so many years ago and remembering what a gift from God he is to the world is definitely worth celebrating! We decorate cakes, put out some table top decor for our own birthdays, perhaps - but for HIS birthday - I go all out!! :) We remember the humble beginnings that He had, but what a glorious celebration we'll have one day when He returns to gather those who have trusted in Him!

ONE of my favorite Christmas songs has to be Mark Lowry's "Mary, Did you Know?" If you get a whole 3 or 4 minutes sometime in the next few weeks - listen to the words. Do you think she fully understood the baby she was carrying was the Messiah? I don't think so, but she had FAITH that God, no matter what, would see her through the task at hand.

May God RICHLY bless your Christmas Season and may you and yours remember the reason for the season is Jesus!
From my woods - to yours ~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deer Season in my Woods

Opening day of Deer Season in Arkansas is almost a holy day. It's the day when all the redneck, gun tote'en, camo loving cells in my body come together ~ it's a day of oneness with the land that I love, the time of sitting in utmost AWE of the land that GOD created.

For a while, probably my first 15 years of marriage or so, Deer Season Opening Weekend was a time to spend with the other ladies in my family. Sometimes, when we could, we'd take the drive up to Branson, MO and do our pre-Christmas celebrating & shopping. Then...something happened. I think it must have been around 2001... I decided that if I wanted to see Hubby anytime at all in the following months (usually Oct. - Feb.), maybe it was time to look deep inside this transplanted Southern body and see if anything resembled a woman that could hunt and well...guess what? She was THERE! It also was around that time that deer hunting changed, probably not for the better, in our area. The local tree/land company Weyerhauser started LEASING their property, making it a crime to hunt it unless you had the "rights" to hunt it. And so it began - the family got together, pooled their money into the PKL, Inc. Lease and started hunting not 3 miles from our home in the woods.

I began hunting and ENJOYING it around that time and haven't missed an opening day since then. I am not "die hard" vs. other ladies in our area, but I can hold my own. I am comfortable using a fire arm and have harvested (the P.C. term for hunting and killing an animal) 2 deer. My first deer I got was within 30 minutes of stepping into the deer stand. Got me an 8 point!!! :)
From that point on, I knew I could do it.

Now mind you, for those who are compassionate towards animals ( and I am....) I have to stop and give a disclaimer here. In our area, if we didn't have a controlled deer hunt, the population would overtake us, spread all kinds of nasty deer viruses and cause way more automobile accidents! I am a firm believer that taking and using these deer, not wasting them, is a good thing. I do not advocate taking deer illegally or poaching deer when a season is not open. I do not advocate taking deer that are too young or under the size restriction. I do not always agree with the rules and regulations set forth by our game & fish commission, but it IS the law and I am bound to said laws.

Now, with that out of the way - let's go to this past opening day. It was a cool day, a little windy, and cloudy, but on to the stand I went. . . and what a stand it was!!! Similar in size and shape to the outhouses of olden days, I took my place in the dark, situated myself - my magazines (to pass the time) & my gear and settled in my little house. I always enjoy looking around at the natural beauty that surrounds our lease and I certainly wasn't disappointed this year!

As the sun began to rise over the horizon, through the clouds was the most amazing sunrise I've witnessed in a LONG time! It started out with billowing clouds, making their way from the horizon toward the west in long streaks. When the sun started peaking out, it made the most beautiful array of colors.... started out with greys and blues, went into reds and oranges and then it was like the sky was on fire!
As it would be, I didn't harvest a deer on this day, but I will forever - as long as the Creator will allow - remember this beautiful beginning to the opening day of 2011 Deer Season. I did witness 2 incredible and very cute "Bambi" deer who almost wanted to share my outhouse stand and another very tiny buck, but as I said - I pride myself as an ethical hunter and let them all live to see another day themselves. I may not have gotten anything to brag about but the pictures I have are all the trophy I need!!!