Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Changing the Scenery of My Woods!

Well, it's been 24 days since I have graced the drive thru of my favorite fast food place, Sonic and let me tell ya, although at times - I could taste the juicy goodness of my mayo slathered cheeseburger - I have PREVAILED and not stepped even as much as a little toe in that lot! My car is even doing very well not wanting to turn left into that driveway!

24 days, also of NO SODAS! There have been 2 definite times that I could have slapped someone silly for a sip of a good, cold Dr. Pepper - but I have overcome those cravings. Me and my bottle of water (flavorings added at times) are doing quite well these days, I must say.

WHY, you ask, do without sodas and Sonic? Did they do something to harm me? My first thought is "no" BUT YES THEY DID! They have contributed to my rather soft middle of a muffin top, my way too 'fluffy' appearance. What did I replace the craving with - PRAYER! Plain and simple!

Prayer is the answer that EVERYONE is needing. From the simple things of life, to the big global problems our world seems ever increasingly facing! Got a "giant" in your way - face it with PRAYER!

...oh and all this has allowed me to drop about 7 lbs so far. Not a whopping amount, but ya gotta start somewhere! :)

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