Friday, February 3, 2012

Hard times in the Woods

It's now February 3rd and I am staying strong as far as no sodas or Sonic. Now I will have to say I have cooked speghetti (which was AMAZING when you are as hungry as I was!!) and had store bought/cooked pizza - Ahhh heaven in a bite!! - but other than that, I'm staying on a clear path to better health and I'm o.k.

Next week, I will celebrate 45 years on this Earth and let me tell ya, when I think back about what all I have put in my mouth and whether or not it was actually "good" for me - I'm amazed that I've gone this long without major health problems. God is good - that's all I have to say about that. I have seen fit to claim God' mercy for my health - something that my Seester Ick can't say fully... or my Sister JoDee. I'm the baby (of 3 girls) and the biggest of them all! Ick has had diabetes since she was 17, she has Crohns Disease and a few other issues like allergies, but honestly - she is such a strong person; I have ALWAYS said God knew which one of us to give the health issues to, because up until this point in my life - I don't know that I could have put up with all she has had to and change my eating habits. I was willing to. JoDee, the eldest of us all, has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and although it has gotten her down at times, she is determined to not let it rule her life and I applaud her for that. She is an active woman - a real life Chef (WOO HOO!!!) and tries to stay within her limitations of stress & overexertion.

Growing up with a diabetic in the family was a little tough, but nothing like I'm sure it was for Ick. My Hubby was declared a Type 1 diabetic 2 years ago, but has managed to not have to have meds because he was so focused on his weight loss and the diet plan the Dietician gave him (he lost over 60 lbs!!!) He has let just a few grains of sugar pass his lips in those 2 years and watched his carb intake well. I pray he can continue this journey and continue to enjoy the health he now has.

Many others are with me in my adventure to be healthier and to be wiser about what we put in our bodies. It's hard and a constant struggle for some - but with a group of people with the same common goal in mind, it sure is easier. I still am not able to exercise like I'd like to, but I'm doing what I can and hopefully it will contribute to the well being and overall weigh loss for me. I may not win any "Biggest Loser" competitions, but I will be one of the biggest winners by losing weight, being more healthy and ultimately - learning how to replace my desires with spiritual things such as prayer, Bible study and just more time with my Heavenly Father - who created us all!

If you're struggling with diet - may I suggest PINTREST! It's been a wonderful thing for me and a wonderful resource for new recipes. If you're not on Pintrest - request an invite, but beware!! It is TOTALLY ADDICTING!!! May God bless us all and may God shine his favor down in my neck of the woods!