Friday, March 15, 2013

Fresh Outlook- My Closet

So - I realize it's been oh - almost a year since I've posted anything (for my 1 follower!), but I'm going to TRY to be better and blog about something that has become somewhat of an obsession to me!

Beginning in the Spring of 2012, I started learning, creating and selling old furniture pieces - a Re-Do if you will of mostly wood pieces, inspired by my Niece-in-Law Lori!  (Who may I add is a FABULOUSLY talented restorer of furniture!!!)  It became a great source of peace for me, allowed me to feel those long subdued creative juices, put away for Motherhood.  I learned from MANY blog posts, Pinterest ideas & word of mouth from other furniture re-doers....and LOVED IT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

Winter has been difficult for me because of two things: we got a Habitat For Humanity RE-STORE (OH MY GOODNESS!) & it's too cold to paint things outside/I don't have a "shop." 

RE-STORE - as much as I try to stay away, I LOVE this place!  I began shopping there when it opened in November to look for furniture pieces to re-do and give my love to...however, that quickly became a wishful thought & my sparkle in my eyes quickly turned to.. "Oh look at that!  Wouldn't that be lovely in my house?!"  So me and "chotchskies" soon became friends.  I have a new passion in owls - not just any owl, but cute owls that "speak" to me... I LOVE LOVE LOVE mirrors, especially if they're old or have some character & I like things that either can be re purposed for organizational uses or just reused in new ways, like silver platters for wall decor.  Needless to say, the fellers at Re-Store know when I'm not there in several days - and have even became close enough that when my birthday came in February, a hug & a little peek on the cheek didn't seem out of order!  Yes, I'm totally and 110% HOOKED!

From following many other blogs, Pinterest (yet another obsession) & following some really creative Facebook Friends - I decided not only was it time to clean up around my own back door...but it was high time that I used some of my newly discovered talents & lovely ideas floatin' around the ol' nog nog!

I have started with the smallest room in the house - my closet!  DISCLAIMER!  I am NOT a hoarder, merely a VERY blessed woman in a home she helped build 26+ years ago.  I certainly realize we are not "normal" in many eyes by being able to live in one house for this long of a time, but keep in mind, we've not always been in the bedroom that we are in due to room juggling w/our sons.

This is the doorway to my closet.  My closet is the biggest in the house; accessible through my make-shift office.  It was never intended to hold just one person's clothes, but remember - I said I am blessed!

Just inside my closet door, is a semi-massive amount of clothing, most of which I do wear.  It's not been transitioned from winter to spring as of yet, but dire need of a make-over.

Just beyond the main body of the closet is a "secret" room. It's origin will remain a secret but nonetheless it's been taken over by my also new found love of purses, a wonderfully transportable keyboard, and just other random stuff that didn't really have a home.
The shelving brackets you see the purses hanging on were quite painful to my head when I bent down to pick something up, stood up...well you get the picture.

One of my little free finds (I think it was a microwave cart in it's first life) - Walmart wood & quite sturdy.
I thought at first to paint it and give it to someone who needed it, but after months of not getting the color like I wanted it, it being out in the shed & somewhat exposed to the elements...I didn't want to give it to the person in that condition.  It was WONDERFUL for my little secret room though!

I got out most of the evil shelf brackets, except a few to hold my purses with, familiarized myself with the other hooks and holders in the little hidey-hole & went to work!  There was even a light in this part of the closet - most of the space is in darkness.  I'll be remedying that fairly quickly with some touch lights if nothing else!  Got a good string tied to the very small dangling one so I could use it daily! :)

There's MUCH more to do, but I went through my clothes and got out for donation what I wasn't wearing or wouldn't wear.  I organized my shoe rack, got all my jeans & Capri's lined up...even somewhat color coordinated my tops! (ANYONE who knows me will think that's funny!)

Ahh, come on - you've NEVER seen something like this in YOUR floor??
OF COURSE the fall out went into my little office space - but that's alright.  I got the majority of it cleaned up and the rest will be taken care of next...SPRING BREAK is almost here!  *See how nicely lined up my shoes are in the closet! ;)
Let's be honest - we all have way too much stuff; been blessed (in my case) way beyond what I need.
I'm messy at times, I'm busy most of the time & I'm trying to change my ways as far as keeping things put up, organized & clean.  I want to ENJOY my time at home...I've been there 26 years & I plan to be there for many more years to come.  Who wants to spend it worrying over stuff in the floors? 
I have one son at home, who will be a Senior in high school next Fall.  I have determined to NOT be spending all my extra time at home cleaning - but enjoying him!
Start small - start where you can see a difference in a short time.  There is NO need to purchase expensive items to help you - the Dollar Tree is a WONDERFUL place to inexpensively organize & clean up!
Till next time - Life in the Woods wishes you all a HAPPY (& clean) SPRING BREAK!
...coming up next - My Office