Thursday, September 22, 2011

Newly Inspired

My Stick Family from

SO I have a blog, me...the confused, somewhat ADD domestic diva/computer geek. I'll do the best I can, but know that some of the posts will be strictly for my mental's cheap therapy I hope! I welcome comments, help & household hints and tips - and certainly once I start posting pictures of my projects or dreams - if you feel you can contribute something to make them come true, please do!

I've been newly inspired to do more creative things lately, or maybe not newly inspired but REinspired! :) One thing I have managed to do is to paint Hubby's Grandmother's bathroom. Goosey's bathroom went from a dull pinkish color to a strange color. I have bought the bucket of paint on clearance at Wallyworld thinking I might use it in my kitchen at home - then it was too blue. The best way to describe the color (without a picture) is Robin Egg Blue...that's green! :) It's been a fun project for me and I'm ALMOST finished. I want to finish as soon as possible so I can move on to Goosey's kitchen! With the help of my Sisters-In-Law and other family members, we're gonna kick this thing!

So...on to my kitchen. I have found a paint color - Pine Needle (an Eddie Bauer color from Lowes) that matches the color I have in my vision. I want to warm things up and shake it up...since it's been 25 years since paint was applied to those walls! LOL! I have wood paneling about 1/2 on the wall, bottom half and I'm considering painting that too, but color is undetermined at this point. Feel free to weigh in on colors. My flooring presently in the kitchen is the peel and stick vinyl (don't recommend that!) and it's a grey color w/brown - kind of a mock stone color. NOT my favorite, but it did what we needed it to do.

I have a love - nay - a PASSION for antiques with meaning. I don't just pick up random things, I like them to have a meaning behind them. Items that got me started on this little treasure hunt were things that my Granny or my great Aunt Esther had in their homes. I love the blue Indiana Carnival glass - grape and vine pattern?? and the forest green glass - but I'm not opposed at all for other patterns or colors. I have several items in clear glass that Hubby found for me in yard sales that I'm having a hard time parting with...and I have odd things that just jumped at me. I love roosters and chickens in my kitchen, and I really lean toward fall colors. I'd love to have more rooms in my home to decorate with all the styles that catch my eye, but alas - God let's me have 3 main rooms and 1 bathroom to play with.

My bathroom changes with the seasons - well with Summer & Fall. Fall brings out the nature girl in me and I decorate my bathroom with bears, deer - nature things! Dark Hunter Green & tans/browns are the primary colors. Summer brings out the palm trees & beach things like my sea shells from my cousin who lived near Galveston, TX at the time of my marriage 25 years ago. Yup, kept them for that long!

My bedroom is a work in progress. I hope to paint both my kitchen and one wall of my bedroom in October when Hubby goes hunting in Colorado. Won't he be surprised when HE COMES HOME?! LOL!
My bed boasts a wonderful yard sale find - a camo comforter thanks to my Seester. I have a beautiful set of furniture that my folks bought for me after she left the nest in 1981. I'm leaning toward more frames painted black or black accessories and some gold tones. I LOVE (even though some think it looks "trashy") the words that you can decorate your rooms with such as "HOPE" - or "LOVE"... and I have 3 pictures that I found at Wallyworld that are one of my walls. I have various other photos of Larry's dad and grandfather on his side...and plan to carry out that idea as well.

I now have an 'office' of sorts. I share this room currently with Hubby's gun safe (which I'm thankful we have...don't get me wrong) and with DT's only storage for his clothes - a 2 door armoire'. All of this room is paneled, but hopefully I can begin painting in there as well so I'm not suffocated in brown all the time! ha Purple is my FAVORITE color so...purple is coming in! :) I also love the flower Iris - so that also will be found in this room.

My living room - well, it's pretty much o.k. except that I need new carpet in a BAD WAY! I WILL have that carpet too, but I need to figure out for sure what I want and how to pay for it. I have a "lodge look" going on in there with the 2 3/4 bear mounts and all the deer heads - Hubby's trophies!!! I get to decorate around all of them - aren't I a lucky woman??

Wish me luck as I go on my quest for decorating perfection!! I'll update my progress as I can...and even post some pictures for those with strong stomachs!!

May God bless you all with health, much love from those YOU love and the joy of making your house a home!