Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home Decor in My Woods

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter! You know, for those of us who base all our hopes & faith on the resurrection of Christ, Easter actually means so much more to us than Christmas, yet we celebrate it much more quietly. In my house, we certainly decorate less than we do during the Christmas season - but my Hudman did it up right this year!

Using some decorations that we already had, mixing them with some "new" yard sale finds - he made quite the little scene for our family - and it was BEAUTIFUL! Such simple things, when paired can become the focus of the whole room.
In this, he has used some of my prized glassware, silk flower stems & a great topiary he made last year, added some simple candle sticks (some topped with plastic eggs) and one even made a bit more elegant with a bow tie napkin ring! My sister Ick gave us some wonderful old plates...and just look how that adds to the whole "look" of Easter! BRILLIANT job Hudman!

Even on my quilt rack that displays my favorite pictures of my precious boys, Hudman added dainty "Forget-Me-Not" silk flowers to some Flea Market found silver goblets - so pretty!

My Flowering Almond bush was just stunning this year! It's a plant that comes originally from my Hubby's grandmother's yard - love LOVE plants that have history & stories!

As we continue to celebrate SPRING in our woods, why not take a few minutes to enjoy Spring in your woods?! Where ever you live, I'm sure there are beautiful things just waiting to be seen; things that normally you pass by daily and take for granted. We all need those little moments in our lives to appreciate the beauty of nature OR the beauty in our own little seemingly unnoticeable items in our homes.
(Thanks to Pintrest for some of our home decor items.)

...now go out and make it a great day!