Monday, November 28, 2011

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas!

So this year in my woods - the tree is very BLINGY and it spins! :) Hudman just had to have the tree spinner this year after salivating over them for a few years. With his own $$ - Mom finally said "Why not?!" He's such a talented young man besides his singing voice that must have come directly from ANGELS! :) He's got a florist's touch as well!!

Shortly after changing out the bedding and making it quite festive, Kitty decided that she LOVES Christmas too, but in a Kitty kind of way! :) Napping is her favorite! Thanks to my beautiful Momma Rosie for the hand tied poinsettia blanket & to my wonderful MIL for the Christmas bedspread!

So have you seen the glittery electric candles?? OH MY - I would have a collection of them if they weren't a little out of my meager budget for the season. Moms usually come last as far as purchasing things for our selves, don't we? Think Santa would understand??

As you decorate in your cabin this year for Christmas, please don't forget the real reason we celebrate. It's CHRIST.... and all He did & is doing for us that makes this time of year so special! The celebration of his birth so many years ago and remembering what a gift from God he is to the world is definitely worth celebrating! We decorate cakes, put out some table top decor for our own birthdays, perhaps - but for HIS birthday - I go all out!! :) We remember the humble beginnings that He had, but what a glorious celebration we'll have one day when He returns to gather those who have trusted in Him!

ONE of my favorite Christmas songs has to be Mark Lowry's "Mary, Did you Know?" If you get a whole 3 or 4 minutes sometime in the next few weeks - listen to the words. Do you think she fully understood the baby she was carrying was the Messiah? I don't think so, but she had FAITH that God, no matter what, would see her through the task at hand.

May God RICHLY bless your Christmas Season and may you and yours remember the reason for the season is Jesus!
From my woods - to yours ~

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