Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Fresh Coat of Paint...

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for a room!! I've seen it a gazillion times on t.v. - on the room makeover shows - and now.... I've experienced it for myself. I said it was like a facelift, but my son DT said, "No Mom, it's just makeup!"
It was very therapeutic for me to paint, m
uch cheaper than a therapist I'm sure! Time by myself, just me and a paint brush and a wall that wasn't going anywhere - a rather captive audience!
So here's before...

And since we know the Hubby was away, I could play and leave things as messy as I wanted to and take my time...which I did. Thanks to my sweet and very understanding boys Hudman & DT for letting Mom work out her frustrations and just paint.

I chose a "natural" color - Pine Needle. It was an Eddie Bauer color at Lowe's and I had them put it in an Olympic paint rather than what it called for simply because it was less expensive.
I have searched and searched for a whopping 3 years for the "just right" color and found it in this exquisite shade of green. Just went perfectly in my humble home - with all it's cabin type, antique & hunter provided decor. (What's my style?? Oh no hesitation - EARLY CONFUSION!)

So armed with just a paint roller and accessories that I thought I needed- off I went!
After 3 short sessions, I had a nearly new kitchen! It may not have all new appliances in the latest styles and new granite counter tops, but it is just wonderful what a fresh coat of paint will do...and how it makes me feel and that's all that matters.
So Mrs. Happy Homemaker or just person wishing for a change... pick out the color that best suits your tastes, splurge a little - buy the supplies and take a few hours and change YOUR WORLD!~ Who knows - it may just give you the "face lift" you've been needing; a SMILE!

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